Former V&D complex
Transformation of the former department store Vroom & Dreesmann
Address: Rokin/Kalverstraat, Amsterdam
Gross floor area: 11.200 m2
Client: IEF Capital
Architecture: Office Winhov
Contractor: Van Wijnen Heerhugowaard
Project management: ABC Nova

Since the bankruptcy of Vroom & Dreesmann (V&D) department store in 2016, the complex at the Kalverstraat and Rokin was empty for a long time. The complex consists of a few buildings that have been strongly transformed over the last hundreds of years. The department store of V&D was designed by the classic architect Caron in 1912, and transformed by the Amsterdam School architect Jan Kuyt in the thirties. The second ensemble comprises the eighteenth-century warehouses at the Rokin and the nineteenth-century building of Jacot & Oldewelt on the Kalverstraat, where the restaurant La Place is located. The different buildings were linked together during the time that V&D department store was housed in the complex. As a result, the individual buildings have lost their own character over the years. Office Winhov embraced the rich history of the complex and wants to bring back the original qualities of the buildings but in a contemporary form. 

View from the Kalverstraat; the ensemble of the three buildings
View from the Rokin 
V&D department store after the transformation by Kuyt, 1930 
Kalverstraat, Caron 1911 Kalverstraat, Caron 1918 Kalverstraat, Kuyt 1928 Kalverstraat, Kuyt 1932 Kalverstraat, Kraaijvanger 1968 Kalverstraat, Groosman 1981 Kalverstraat, Kraaijvanger 2004
Kalverstraat, Caron 1911 
The new street profile on the Kalverstraat 
View from the third floor 
Cross section after the renovation 
St. Jorissteeg 1928 
Transformation of the former corner building by Jacot & Oldewelt