Sud Residential building
Kop Zuidas, Amsterdam
Sud Residential building
Kop Zuidas, Amsterdam
45 apartments and commercial building
Address: Zuidelijke wandelweg / Gaasterlandstraat
Gross floor area: 8897 m2
Client: COD
Architecture: Office Winhov
Team: Jan Peter Wingender, Jasper ten Bosch, Camille Moreau, Charles Hueber, Troy Fawcett, Robert van Driel
Photographer: Stefan Müller
Sud Residential building
Kop Zuidas, Amsterdam

The Kop Zuidas can be read as a pivot point in Amsterdam. The north side of the location is the Zuidelijke Wandelweg (walking path); the historical boundary between Berlage’s Plan Zuid and the green Amstelland in the south. Residential building SUD Amsterdam forms the head of a building block and is located frontally on the square that forms the center of this part of the Zuidas. The building consists of a parking garage, a plinth with commercial and retail spaces and 43 comfortable and high-quality apartments above. The apartments have a higher floor height, varying from 60 to 150 m2 and have several outdoor areas. Two 200 m2 penthouses crown the building.

Residential building SUD resonates with the tradition of modern monumental residential buildings in Amsterdam. The thirteen bay windows of SUD fold around the building and are covered with a soft shiny Wittmunder klinker. The masonry has a rich color nuance and is executed in a half-brick block bond with rounded corners and a decorative pattern in the bay windows. The natural stone plinth and roof edge enhance the sculptural character of the residential building and anchor it firmly in the new and lively square.

Sud Residential building
Kop Zuidas, Amsterdam
View along the building
View from the square
Reference: Plan Zuid, Zonnehof Amsterdam
Second Floor Plan Sixth Floor Plan Ground Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
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Facade fragment
View into courtyard from the balcony
Mold brick and natural stone Mold brick Mold brick Mold brick Mold brick
Mold brick and natural stone
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View into courtyard
Building plinth
View over the square during construction
The entrance hall
The main entrance
Living room and private loggia
Apartment B6 Apartment A5
Apartment B6
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Interior finishes
Apartement B6
Axonometric of the entrance hall