Office management/Architect:
Henk Tiegelaar

Elizabeth Acland
Jasper ten Bosch
Rick Bruggink
Alice Dicker
Anna Janssen
Moniek Kamphuis
Dominique de Rond
Carlo van Steen
András Szél
Anna Tabellini
Inez Tan
Caroline Versteden

Technical design:
Charles Hueber
Leon Kentrop
Peter Nagtzaam

Maria Di Ghionno
Dirk Hoogeveen
Ana Frentescu

Karen Willey

Aeliane van den Ende

Uri Gilad, co-founder and partner at Office Winhov, focuses in his work on the renovation and extension of buildings of special historical significance, sustainable housing and multifunctional projects at the intersection between hospitality, culture and commerce. His projects are developed with a sensitive understanding of context and an interest in material presence. His work incorporates the environmental, social and cultural dimensions related to architecture and city planning. Uri is directly involved with the office projects and liable for the communication with the clients.

Uri studied at the HIT in Holon and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture where he obtained his master degree Cum Laude under the guidance of Prof. Herman Hertzberger. He teaches at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and he regularly lectures on the incorporation of environmental, social and cultural dimensions into architecture and city planning. In 2016 he was nominated as a young architect for the Abe Bonnema Prijs and in the same year received the ARC16 Oeuvre Award for the work of Office Winhov. From 2021, Uri holds the position of architect member of Committee 1 (city center) of the Spatial Quality Committee in Amsterdam.