De Loodsen residential towers
85 social rent apartments and commercial premises
Address: Piet Heinkade 183, 211, Amsterdam
Gross floor area: 13.940 m2
Client: Hopman Interheem, Ymere
Photographer: Stefan Müller
Prizes: Daas Baksteen Architectuurprijs 2008

‘De Loodsen’ is an ensemble that links the west and east sides of the new Amsterdam IJ Harbour urban redevelopment area. The complete ensemble, including both residential and commercial programmes, consists of six towers, each with eleven floors plus one lower strip of five floors bordering the former harbour. In this ensemble the two residential towers designed by office winhov form the corners that address the city. Both towers have been developed as shells in this highly urbanised context, giving the letting company maximum flexibility in subdividing each floor. The towers were conceived as separate yet related buildings. They differ from each other in their positions, volumes, and proportions, but are related through their shared use of horizontal concrete bands and modulating brick piers. The robust character of these buildings reflects the warehouses that formerly defined the appearance of the area.

Facade of tower 6 towards the city
Pakhuis de Zwijger, 1958 
Connection to the existing warehouses 
Facade detail Veembroederhof 
Site plan 
Reference Prudential Building, Louis Sullivan, Buffalo NY, 1894 
Facade tower 1 
Facade model of tower 6 Model of the ensemble Model of the ensemble
Apartment interior 
Facade model of tower 6 
Facade relief 
Rough construction of an apartment