TU/e student housing
Technical University, Eindhoven
300 student apartments
Address: Campus Technical University Eindhoven
Gross floor area: 12.600 m2
Client: Stichting Woonbedrijf SWS/Hhvl
Architecture: Office Winhov with office haratori in collaboration with BDG Architecten Almere
Photographer: Stefan Müller

The new student housing for the University of Technology Eindhoven is a part of the redevelopment of the campus and situated at the edge of the banks or the Dommel river. The campus has been build since 1957 by the urban plan of S.J. van Embden with buildings placed in an on going landscape. The new masterplan continues this approach and introduces student housing in line with the exiting high-rise buildings. The loadbearing facade of the slender building is constructed in prefabricated concrete elements with an on going grid that mirrors the facades of the old buildings. Floors, bathrooms and installations have been prefabricated to shorten the time of construction. The building has been shifted along the central corridor lending it an asymmetrical and elegant gable. By over dimensioning the collective spaces informal meetings and collective activities are encouraged creating a series of spaces that run from the level of the campus to the individual room, anchoring the student living firmly to the campus.

Articulation of the volume
Polished facade bands 
View towards the campus from the group apartment 
Masterplan campus TU/e 
The loadbearing facade 
Study on volume and texture 
View from the lift hall 
Connection between the floors in the lift hall 
Bicycle parking as part of the plinth 
Room and window 
Floor plan, ground floor 
Stacking of loadbearing facade elements 
The building at the banks of the Dommel 
Prefabricated facade elements 
Sample of the prefab concrete