Alpine loft
Mathon, Switzerland
Transformation of a barn into an alpine loft
Address: Mathon, Graubünden Switzerland
Gross floor area: 
137 m2
Client: private
Architecture: office haratori in collaboration with Ofice Winhov
Project architects: Nahako Hara, Zeno Vogel

The village of Mathon has remained remarkably intact without significant alterations to the built fabric. At its heart sits an old wooden barn which has fallen into disrepair. If it were to be demolished it would never be replaced creating a gap in the centre of the village. To preserve both the structure of the barn and its role in the village ensemble it is converted into an alpine loft, a place for work and reflection. The project draws upon examples from far away, most prominently the Japanese house.

Loggia on the upper level
Entrance along the village street 
Site plan 
Altitude 1538 meter 
North facada with window to the kitchen 
North facade East facade South facade West facade
The fromer hay-chest on the upper level 
North facade 
Model of the wood structure Model material
Model of the wood structure 
Clay and straw mortar in between the logs 
Long section Cross section
Entrance on the upper level 
Long section 
The sleeping area on street level 
Kitchen and fireplace on the lower hay-chest